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R|H Strategy Consulting
Constructive, Sustainable and Actionable.

Strategy Development Is Our Passion

The core of our consulting work is the support of our clients in all strategic phases from conception to planning to the implementation. R|H establishes the right ‘environment’: time and silence for concentrated work without distractions to analyse, for example, the internal and external strategic company environment, to develop strategic options and play through scenarios on how you can lead your company to future success. For further information please follow this link R|H Strategy Process.

R|H enables you to actively question and challenge ‘facts’ and assumptions as well as to find the right approach for your company’s strategic development process. At the end of the day, what determines success or failure is if the strategic plan is realisable. ‘Realisable’, in this context, means that all stakeholders (including, investors, banks, employees, etc.) support the results of the corporate strategic plan. R|H helps you during all strategic management phases with our experience and expertise as management and strategy consultants working in several industries.

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We follow a hands-on approach influenced by our studies in England. R|H uses only internationally approved methods and tools that are renowned by successful companies worldwide. We help you to identify and operate the right and appropriate tools and methods. However, we regard these tools and methods as a means to reach to a conclusion or to increase the understanding of an issue and not as a result itself! This means we actively ask questions like: What consequences will arise from the insights gained? How will those consequences impact the future of the company? What are measures to ward off threats and to benefit from opportunities?

A List of Potential Strategic Questions and Topics

  • What is the company’s current strategic position?

  • What are the company’s short-, mid- and long-term goals?

  • Which assets and resources does the company possess and is the company therefore well prepared for the future?

  • What are the financial cash flow drivers and how will they change in the future?

  • How does the social, technological, economic, environmental, political, legal and ethical environment actually impact the company and how will this change in the future? How stable is this environment?

  • When is it likely that the company’s environment will change and what are the resulting consequences?

  • Which core competences, distinctive competences and values does the company possess and what are their impact and consequences in the future?

  • Who are the company’s competitors and how well do you know them? Which strategic plans and goals do they pursue?

  • How does the company position itself against its competition (industry, segment, …) and how will this position change in 5, 10 and 15 years?

  • How attractive is the company’s industry or segment for offering its services and products currently and in the short-, mid- and long-term?

  • For which customers and in which industries and segments does the company offer its services and products and what does this mean currently and in the future?

  • Which are the most profitable products or services and in which phase of the ‘product life cycle’ are they? What does the currently offered product and service portfolio mean for the company’s long-term planning?

  • Which added value or customer benefit does the company’s services or products offer currently and in 5 years?

  • Does the company currently possess a ‘sweet-spot’ and how can it be defended?

  • Who are the company’s stakeholders? What does this mean for the company’s strategy and implementation?