Blue sky with a compass showing the direction to coaching success to symbolize the R|H CoacheeArea support during the coaching process. R|H CoacheeArea is coming soon!

R|H CoacheeArea
Your Personal Coaching Online-Area.

All our coachees ( ) can use the CoacheeAreaR|H free of charge. Our CoacheeAreaR|H aims to make your coaching easier, clearer and more transparent. In your personal area you can find everything ordered within three areas: (1) self-assessments; (2) coaching documents; and (3) online resources. These will all support you in different ways during your coaching process.

Self- and Observer-Assessments
Easily Conducted Online Without Difficulties

We provide access to internationally recognised and established Self-Assessment tests like the VIA Character Strengths or the Belbin Team Roles. Additionally, we have developed R|H Self-Assessments based on solid academic research and adapted for our coaching process. With these ‘instruments’ we can review, for example, your coaching goal motivation and your degree of goal attainment in addition to other valuable topics related to your coaching. Your assessment result can be checked against a norm group consisting of executives and senior managers. All agreed assessments, which are important for your coaching success, can be found as links in your personal area.

Three self-assessment Logos: Roether Huwald Assessments, Belbin Team Roles and VIA Institute on Character

Coaching Documents
That Really Count

It’s often the little things that makes life easier: our checklists, questions and suggestions help you to be prepared for your coaching. All documents can be download from your personal area in the CoacheeAreaR|H.

Online Resources
... to Browse and to Discover

Coaching will help you to become aware of different topics. In this area we will provide you with links to topics that might be helpful to deepen your understanding or to explore new terrain. We have compiled data and information in logically grouped areas in order to make your life easier and to dig deeper into your areas of interest, ranging from web links to book recommendations to academic research.