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Work Sample

R|H Work Sample 2: Bücher Pustet

Bücher Pustet, with several bookstores, is a recurring customer for many years with special and interesting projects: for example, a new façade concept for a historic ‘denkmalgeschützes’ building or an interior pillar design.

We always have managed to typographically stage the product ‘Book’, whether in the classic print segment or architectural.

A selection of realised projects

  • Ad campaign for changing promotions, bookstore Augsburg

  • Façade concept for a historic ‘denkmalgeschützes’ building Augsburg in collaboration with authority for historic preservation

  • Interior pillar design concept, bookstore Augsburg

  • Gift voucher and bookmark series

  • Interior Information panel, bookstore Augsburg

  • Development of an original design of the ‘Café Pustet’