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R|H Consulting Approach
Pragmatic and Goal-Oriented.

Professional Know-How and Keen Sense of Processes and People

We specialise in developing visions, identifying opportunities and finding optimisation potentials and risks in the corporate context – practically and holistically. Where books and models fail to help, we ask questions to build relationships and make business management connections visible and tangible. We always attempt to develop realisable options for sustainable successful implementation. We mutually develop the core tasks without predefined templates or standard concepts. We do not produce picture book flip charts or moderation card works of art for your archive; instead we work practice- and goal-oriented.

For People Who Really Want to Change and Tackle Big Issues

We are searching for start-ups, small- and medium-sized enterprises to support them in the areas of ‘Management’ and ‘Strategy’. We adapt the scope of our consulting work to your requirements and needs. Our services focus on small leadership teams or individuals ( ) like:

  • Executives

  • Managing directors

  • Business owners

  • Managers

  • Entrepreneurs / businessmen and businesswomen

Consulting situation: Two men and a woman having a meeting with the focus on their hands and documents displayed.

You Are the Vital Part of the Consulting Process

R|H is convinced that the business know-how rests with you. Our business is to make all knowledge and wisdom accessible to find answers to your questions and solutions for your challenges. Our approach is transparent; we explain why certain methods and models are used. This enables you to become the vital part of the consulting process to actively find the best possible solutions. Because of our consulting experience, we known how essential this is for successful project implementation.