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R|H Executive Coaching
New Perspectives – for Positive Changes.

Coaching – a Matter of Trust

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The coachee-coach relationship is unique. Nowhere else can you ‘move’ so freely. We establish a learning environment that enables you to develop new perspectives and options for action. We will help you develop new prospects to attain your goals with focus, empathy and professionalism. It’s all about you, about what you want to achieve and change. Without diversion and detours. Confidential.

With questioning techniques and coaching methods, we help you to make ‘things’ tangible, to identify resources and capabilities to induce the desired changes. The main focus is on reflection. We do not provide ‘events’ nor ‘games’ but rather relaxed conversations between two equal partners.

Our strengths are being neutral and non-evaluating. Through these strengths we enable you to find your own way.

Coaching Adapted for You Personally – Based on Solid Academic Research

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We as coaches and entrepreneurs can help you. We know about the topics with which you are confronted as executives, senior managers and business owners ( ) as well as the environment in which you manoeuvre. Based on our leadership and management experience, as well as our long-time management consulting expertise, we understand your challenges.

Our roots are in business / management consulting and marketing – not in psychology. This makes everything easier. We speak the same language and have the same mindset, two ‘little’ things that are indispensable in a good coaching relationship.

Our professional and transparent R|H Coaching Process is based on our R|H Executive Coaching Model, which was developed during Dr Roether’s doctorate program (Doctor of Business Administration DBA) at Henley Business School (UK). Research, together with our coaching experience – more than one thousand coaching hours – builds the basis for our coaching work.

We Offer Competence and Experience

We – Dr Michael Roether and Marion Huwald – have provided Executive Coaching since 2010 and have spent more than one thousand coaching hours with our clients. Our international education and training in coaching was conducted at the Henley Business School (UK) and the Centre for Coaching (London, UK, led by Dr Stephen Palmer). We regard the coachee-coach matching as an important first step, therefore you have the chance to select your coaching partner depending on the topic and the ‘chemistry’.

Four icons about our expertise: over 1000 coaching hours, scientifically grounded, profound international education, coachee-coach matching

Self-Assessment – Invaluable for Determining Your Personal Position

We offer several self-assessments to unveil different aspects which are important for your coaching, e.g. your motivation, competencies, team roles, character strengths, … they all provide you with vital indicators for finding the appropriate solutions for your challenges. We use both our own assessments based on solid academic research, like the Coaching Goal Motivation Inventory (CGMI)R|H or the Senior Executive Competency FrameworkR|H, and hand-picked and internationally renowned self- and observer-assessments like the VIA Character Strengths, Belbin Team Roles, and Learning Styles. Based on our profound and solid training, we are able to explain and interpret your self-assessment results in such a way that you can use them optimally for yourself.

Three self-assessment Logos: Roether Huwald Assessments, Belbin Team Roles and VIA Institute on Character

A Short List of Possible Coaching Topics:

  • Leadership

  • Management

  • Stress management

  • Competencies and capabilities

  • Decision-making

  • Resilience

  • Assertiveness

  • Character strengths

  • Work-Life balance

  • Self-determination

  • Self-perception

  • Motivation

  • Trust

  • Team roles

  • Learning types

  • Interpersonal communication